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  • Product Name: Continuous Polymer Filter

Continuous Polymer Filter

POY, FDY, Nylon, compound fiber of nylon and polyester, PP spun-bonded, non-woven etc.

Novel structure, power-effective and widely applicable.

3.Heating method
Dowtherm recirculation heating, electric heating of heat transfer oil, or electric heating of dowtherm.

4.Technical Parameters
Melt pressure: Max. 25Mpa                Dowtherm pressure: Max. 1.0Mpa
Allowable pressure differentia: 6Mpa        Operating temperature: Max. 310℃
Filter precision: 15,20,25,40,60 μm            Filter area: 0.6 – 9.5m2

5.Vertical CPF


6.Horizontal CPF
    Above data as per design just for reference



All design as per client request

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