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  • Product Name: Compact Pilot POY FDY filaments spinning plant

machinery equipment
---compact pilot POY&FDY spinning machine


Compact Pilot POY FDY filaments spinning plant
Turn-key project as per client request

Including: chip dryer; color dosing feeder;master batch dryer;extruder;spin beam;quench chamber CPF ,dowtherm boiler;metering pump,finish oil pump;spinneret;automatic winder

Utility: compressor;chiller;air condition unit;water preparation;oil mixer;

Cleaning equipment: vacuum oven;TEG oven;pre-heater oven;ultrasonic cleaner;alkali cleaner.

Laboratory instrument: yarn tester;air flow meter;tension meter;projector;microscope;etc . Pls ask CANDO for more details

POY denier: 130dtex(75D);170dtex(100D);250dtex(150D);500dtex(300D)

FDY denier:75D ;100D; 150D;300D;450D;600D

Capacity: 1000kgs/day ;2000kgs/day;3000kgs/day;



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