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Chip dryer

Final chip moisture content lower than 20 PPM (BM Type) or 25 PPM (Rosin Type) with our
technology. our drying equipment with various capacities from 50Kg/h to 5000Kg/h to clients home and abroad.  Mini dryer 100kgs,200kgs,300kgs

Technical process of Chip Dryer
Raw chip→Vibrating sieve→Pulse conveying system→wet chip hopper→rotary valve→
Crystallization→Radial fan for Crystallization→Electric air heater for crystallization→Cyclone→
Column dryer→Diverter valve→Hot chip silo→extruder


Master batch dryer
Dryer Capacity: 15kgs/H, 20kgs/H
Including: Automatic suction device
        Crystellizer Dryer Heater
        PLC, inverter, touch screen
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