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  • Product Name: Auto Crimp Yarn Tester

Automatic Crimp tester YG368
  Main Technical Parameter
The main technical details:
YG368 automatic crimp contraction tester consists of six parts host, oven, sample holder, water bath, computers, printers components.
The main technical parameters are as follows:
1 load force: 2.5cN-5000cN (set arbitrarily applied automatically) Accuracy 0.2cN
2 specimen length: 500 * 2mm
3 length measurement range: 0-150 mm
4 test indicators: crimp contraction CC (%), the curl modulus CM (%), the curl stability CS (%)
Heat shrinkage S (%) and the indicators mean, standard deviation, CV value
5 Data input: keyboard mouse input
6 Data output: screen, printer
The number 7 group of up to hank test: 30
8 Power and Power: Host: 220V, 50HZ 0.5KW, oven: 380V 4.8 KW
9 Compressed air: (0.2-0.3) MPa having data storage and query functions.
10 Dimensions: 605 * 530 * 1640 mm
YG368 automatic crimp contraction tester Main features:
1 using high-precision positioning system, without repeated homing, a substantial increase in work efficiency.
2 with high-end ball screw, high precision and good reproducibility.
3 software can switch the display in English.
4 automatic test data to facilitate management and archiving applications.
5 software can be customized according to user needs test parameters for quality control analysis 

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