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  • Product Name: Air condition unit

Air condition unit


1. Application:
Quench air and take-up air supply&return for POY FDY melt spinning of PET, PA6,PA66, PP.
2. Characteristic:
Professional design for various process requirements of POY/FDY PET/PA6 filament spinning.
3. Technical Parameters:
The air conditioning unit is designed on the basis of air conditioning design as well as referring tocity meteorological condition in different country
              Exhaust air        Fresh air
                     ↑                    ↓
Return air→ fan for return air→ mixed air→ pre- filter→ Micro filter → sprinkling→ cooler sprinkling

→ fan for supply air → fine filtration → quench air
→ fan for supply air → take-up air  
→ fan for supply air → fine filtration → quench air  

AHU layout ( 510,000m3/h)

All design as per client request



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